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Founded with the purpose to make available to sports centers and health clubs the best financial, operating and economic management practices in the markets, All United Sports specializes in sports venues management, gathering experience and knowledge with the most respected professionals that contribute daily to the growth of our customers. Driven by accuracy, professionalism, honesty and transparency, All United Sports is leader in its sector with customers throughout Europe and Middle East, working both with small local clubs and the major world chains.

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Professional Fitness Management

Planning and Management Control in Sports Venues.

We analyze, manage and simplify the economic, financial and operational information in order to enable to:

  • Increase in EBITDA margin;
  • Optimize and reduce costs;
  • Map your business, in detail, between costs, income and operations;
  • Identify and anticipate shifts in budgeted objectives;
  • Set sustained and credible strategies;
  • Improve operational and administrative intervention;
  • Increase in sales and clients retention through the release of cash flow.

Solid, planned and sustainable growth.

We work in the feasibility, viability and economic success of your club.

Outlining a business annual budget, we work in a medium / long term, as an integral part of the club management. We analyze and process economic and financial information, while defining strategies, identifying critical success factors and correcting deviations. This allows the business to achieve the budgeted objectives. Know where the business stands and what is the economic direction of your club.

Workflow All United Sports

We work as a department, part of the club management.

We are with you in the medium and long term, providing a basis for the viability of the business.

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Services All United Sports

One company, different sports management services.

Controlo de Gestão

Management Control

Accurate economic and financial management, ensuring the outlined business strategy implementation, by monitoring all the critical success factors that contribute for the EBITDA margin growth.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Collection, organization and analysis of the critical business economic and operational data, with the aim yo implement optimization and workflow improvement. Cost control and revenues increase.

Gestão Operacional e Administrativa

Operational and Administrative Management

Administrative and operations management control through outsourced specialized teams. Operations teams management in order to achieve the stated goals.

Location Scouting

Location Scouting

Business expansion sites study and selection, based on the business model, strategy, implementation zone, target population and competition.

Contabilidade Geral e de Gestão


General and analytical (management) accounting, mandatory tax returns elaboration, payroll processing and treasury management.

Manutenção de Equipamentos Desportivos

Equipment Maintenance

Specialized repair and maintenance assistance to cardio, weight training equipment and other gym equipment.

Supervisão de Obras Desportivas

Construction Supervision

On site construction process monitorization in all kinds of sports venues and gyms, optimizing its operational ability.

Gestão da Comunicação

Communication Management

Online communication planning: digital marketing, search engine optimization, social networks, claims and crisis management.

Outsourcing de Recursos Humanos

Human Resources Outsourcing

Certified professionals, trained and experienced on maximizing performance in different sports venue areas.

Planeamento e Análise de Viabilidade

Viability Analysis and Planning

Business feasibility and viability evaluation, milestones set and execution monitoring in the project management.

Apoio Jurídico e de Recursos Humanos

Juridical and HR Consultancy

Business and Real Estate Law Consultancy. Human resources management, selection and recruitment.

Health clubs all over the world rely on our work.

From the small local clubs to the major world chains.

Team All United Sports

Experience and market knowledge.

Mário Santos

Mário Santos
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Expertise in Operations Management, CRM, Customer Care and Loyalty.

António Sacavem

António Sacavem
Business Strategy and Coaching
20 years of success and proven results managing the top fitness chains.

José Luis Costa

José Luis Costa
Organizational Change Management
35 years of experience in organizational change in sports venues and clubs.

Manuela Martins

Manuela Martins
Co-Founder & Finance Director
Expertise in management control, planning and economic performance.

Jorge Machado

Jorge Machado
Group Training and Team Management
25 years of experience in the group classes methodology and teaching.

Sofia Oliveira

Sofia Oliveira
Business and Labour Law
Expertise in legal advice, strategies design and interests defending.

Ivo Gomes

Ivo Gomes
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Expertise in blended marketing, customer acquisition and monetization.

Fernando Ferreira

Fernando Ferreira
Sports Information Systems
A reference in management software development for sports venues.

Hugo Moniz

Hugo Moniz
Gym Floor Technical Management
Expertise in instructors training, personal and resistance training.

Ruben Berenguer

Ruben Berenguer
Accounting Director
Expertise in financial business model, analytical and management accounting.

Joana Cambas

Joana Cambas
Recruitment and Selection
Expertise in executive search, skills evaluation and career management.

James Yates

James Yates
Business Internationalization
12 years of experience managing clubs in four different continents.

Adopting the best international practices.

Following the reference guidelines in the fitness market.

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